Often, it’s hard to find enough time to practice yoga, never mind keep a journal.

And for many who do find the time to keep a journal, the practice is often interrupted by the daily challenges of life.

How can you find the quiet space needed to write, after all, when you’re busy getting the children off to school, or caring for aging parents, or meeting deadlines at work, or simply wanting time to sit in front of a TV and watch your favorite show?

It isn’t easy, admittedly, even when you find the time.

You might begin, only to find yourself putting your journal in a drawer after a day or two because nothing seems to happen. Or because you didn’t feel your thoughts were worth recording. Or because you were afraid someone might read what you wrote.

Fear, humiliation, lack of confidence, simple inertia–these are the kind of obstacles that can prevent you from ever beginning.

How do you overcome these obstacles?

Perhaps you can use your journal to try answering that question.

Or take the time before you begin your yoga practice to notice something about your day.

Or stop for a moment between asanas and listen to your heart.

What do you hear?

Write for a few minutes before you begin your practice–or afterward–for as long as you feel the need, and then stop.

Close your journal.

And make a date with yourself for tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

Write to find what’s inside yourself, waiting to be discovered.


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