Praise for Writing Yoga:

“A warm, compassionate, and intimate guide to the journey through words and yoga postures to the vastness that lies beyond them. Through his own personal explorations of yoga and journal-writing, Bruce Black illuminates the path of self-discovery, creativity, and transformation.”
Anne Cushman, author of Enlightenment for Idiots: A Novel

“For anyone who’s looking for answers, Bruce Black’s Writing Yoga will absolutely help you find them—on the page, and on the mat.”
August Gold, author of Prayer Partners

I have been writing and studying yoga for years now but never thought to join these two passions until I read Bruce Black’s account of his own journey. He says yoga can be a catalyst for change. So can reading this honest, profound, and compassionate book!”
Louise Hawes, author of Anteaters Don’t Dream, Faculty, MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, Vermont College of Fine Arts

“The practice of yoga is a process of uncovering our thoughts, beliefs, and assumed limitations, be they physical, emotional, or mental. In this warm, personal book, Bruce Black reveals how his own journey in yoga and writing has brought clarity and direction to his life. Try his suggestions; I have. And see if you don’t feel more at ease and present with your life.”
Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T., yoga teacher and coauthor of What We Say Matters

“A lovely, insightful book packed with valuable nuggets useful to writers, practitioners of yoga, and anyone who lives life (i.e., everyone).”
–Barbara O’Connor, author of The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester

“Bruce’s words about journaling have changed how I view a journal, and may just have given me permission to try a yoga/tai chi journal myself.”
–Kelly Fineman, poet, Cybils Award judge, and children’s author

Writing Yoga has earned a place by my studio reading chair. It is a great resource for anyone struggling to hear their own voice in a very noisy world.”
–Michelle Edwards, illustrator and author of A Knitter’s Home Companion

“After reading your book, fewer writers will have to resort to repeating ‘I don’t know what to write’ anymore! I will be quoting you in workshops from now on, especially on setting the scene leading up to a frightening event, appreciating gifts, dealing with the critical voice and, most important, the importance of the journey more than the goal.”
— Deborah Brodie, freelance editor, book doctor, and writing coach

This is a gentle, thoughtful guide to exploring your internal world through writing and yoga postures. If you are a writer and/or yoga student, this is a must read. It’s also a beautifully written account of Bruce’s own writing/yoga/personal journey. There are treasures here for anyone who opens this book.”
— Anne Mazer, author of The Salamander Room, The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes series, and co-author with Ellen Potter of Spilling Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook

“Bruce Black draws on his own experiences and offers much wisdom and advice for those settling into Yoga in their own way. “Writing Yoga” is a must for any practitioner who wants a record of their ritual.”
— The Writer’s Bookshelf, Midwest Book Review

“There are two things in life that I can count on to make me feel uplifted, positive about life, and (dare I say) joyful: My yoga practice and writing about my yoga practice. It’s not surprising, then, that I devoured Writing Yoga: A Guide to Keeping a Practice Journal by Bruce Black. In this gem […] I discovered chapter after chapter of inspiring ideas for expressing my yoga through writing.
–Erica Rodefer, Spoiled Yogi


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