We’ve almost reached the end of our 15 day challenge–two more days to go!–and I hope you’re finding your journal a helpful tool to deepen and expand your yoga practice.

Today I’d like to invite you to use your own writing prompt.

Select a quote that you love, or search for a quote of wisdom that speaks to you, or pick a theme, or ask yourself a question that you’ve longed to ask but haven’t had the chance (or courage) to ask until now. Then, let the prompt serve as a doorway into your practice, a way to go deeper.

If you prefer, simply open your journal to a blank page and relax with each breath and let your thoughts about your practice flow and see what words might arise from the page.

Write for as long as you feel the need to write, fifteen minutes if that feels appropriate, less or more, depending on what your body and heart tell you.

See you tomorrow for Day 14 (and a new writing prompt).