bruce black

A writer, teacher, and editor, Bruce graduated from Columbia University and earned his MFA in writing from Vermont College (now Vermont College of Fine Arts). His stories have appeared in Cricket and Cobblestone magazines and other publications, and his blog on writing, Wordswimmer, was named one of the Web’s “Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs” by Online Education News.

He serves as a poetry judge for The Cybils: Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards and is the founder and editorial director of The Jewish Writing Project, which is listed as one of the “Top 50 Jewish Blogs” on the Web.

He started this blog (originally titled Journal Practice but re-titled Writing Yoga with Bruce Black) as a way to share his journal practice and to encourage others to keep a journal in order to deepen their understanding of life on and off the mat.

If you have any questions about keeping a journal or suggestions for subjects that Bruce might address here , you can write him at bruceblack (at) ymail (dot) com.

To check out  Wordswimmer, visit:

And to read The Jewish Writing Project, click here:



  1. Bruce!
    I really enjoy the Wtiting Yoga blog and have shared a similar mindfulness experience these past 8 months with loss of range of motion in the right hip — no doubt aggravated by carrying grand babies! Adaptations are amazing! And now on to Wordswimmer! Thanks for all you do!
    Linda in Escondido VCFA ’99

    • Linda–So glad to hear you’re enjoying the Writing Yoga blog (and Wordswimmer, too!). It’s interesting how writing about being mindful adds another layer of mindfulness to the process. You’re right–adaptations are amazing! I miss the chance to gather in Vermont with you and our classmates… but great to stay in touch via the blogs. Thanks for reading (and writing!). Be well, and enjoy your grand babies.

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