Posted by: Bruce Black | March 18, 2018

Day 14 of the 15/15 Writing Yoga Challenge

“This witnessing is the ultimate experience of life because it opens the doors of miracles. The first miracle is, it makes you aware of your originality. It takes away all the dust that has gathered upon your mirror. It washes away all thoughts and leaves behind only the original you.” – Osho
Yoga invites us to pause and take note of different emotions that we might feel in each pose. Some poses might make us anxious; others might instill calm. Once we start noticing these feelings, we may start noticing thoughts, too, and learn to stop getting caught up in emotions and thoughts, to simply “look” at them as if they are leaves carried by a current downstream and to let them go as if we are standing on the bank, simply watching. Yoga helps us become more aware of the ways that we react to life without even realizing it. How has your practice helped you learn to witness thoughts and feelings without judgment? What happens when you realize you have the power to simply “observe” without labeling, to simply witness life as it unfolds? Write: 15 minutes


  1. this is really a nice information, thank you for sharing with us

    • Thanks for stopping by. Glad you found the info worthwhile.

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