Posted by: Bruce Black | March 1, 2017

Yoga Anytime, Anywhere

On some days it’s difficult to find the time to step on my mat.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I had a dentist appointment and guests were arriving and I was behind in my work, and suddenly the morning had disappeared and the time that I’d planned to practice yoga was gone.

And I left the house feeling guilty that I’d missed the chance to practice for the day.

But then I got into my car and turned a half-twist to look behind me before backing up, and I realized that I was doing a similar twist to the one that I do on my mat all the time.

Was it possible that I could do yoga in my car?

That’s when the possibility of yoga opened up to me as I drove away from the house.

How I turned my head to check for cars at intersections, how I kept my neck upright and my shoulders aligned rather than off-kilter, how I twisted one way, then another, when I looked behind me. I was sitting behind the wheel of my car, but I was practicing yoga.

I could pull my shoulders back, tighten my abdominal muscles, and sit up straighter rather than slouch.

I could hold the wheel with care, tightening my fingers, then releasing the muscles, gripping the wheel, then relaxing my grip.

What if it’s possible to practice yoga anytime and anywhere?

Think of the possibilities: you can practice while you’re loading dishes into your dishwasher or vacuuming the living room carpet, while you’re dusting, reaching high on a bookshelf, or while you’re scrubbing the tub, taking a shower, eating an apple, or just sipping tea.

If you are mindful of how every muscle and bone is placed, and how each muscle feels, and how each bone is aligned, well, isn’t that yoga?

This means that we can practice yoga throughout the day, whether we are standing on our mat, driving a car, or –imagine!–even walking in the mall.

You can practice yoga when you sit or stand, when you wait in line, when you’re brushing your teeth, when you’re making sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch.

It’s life.

But it’s yoga, too.

Practice journal: What happens when you pay closer attention to the movements of your body throughout the day? Can you notice how certain movements resemble the movements that you make on your mat? What do you think makes such movements yoga? Write: 10 minutes.


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