Posted by: Bruce Black | December 1, 2016

Trust is an invisible thread

Trust is an invisible thread that holds our world together, part of the fabric of our daily lives, yet often we take it for granted, failing to see its importance.

Trust is what allows us to unroll our yoga mat each day and step onto its soft surface, knowing it will offer us a safe place to explore our world.

Trust is what we offer our teachers, and they offer us in return, so that each of us can find new ways of understanding those around us and ourselves.

Trust is what allows us to lift our leg and arms in Tree Pose without falling over, and, if we lose our balance, trust is what lets us try again.

Trust is knowing that when we stand on two feet in Mountain Pose, gravity will support us and keep our feet rooted to the earth.

We don’t ordinarily think of trust when we inhale and exhale, yet trust is what lets us breathe deeply with each movement, knowing our breath will go out and return, and that air will fill our lungs again… and again.

Trust is one of the foundation stones on which we build our practice and our life, and my yoga practice helps remind me of how trust is present in every breath, every step, every chance encounter, every moment.

Yet trust can be easily lost. It’s more fragile than we realize, and, once lost, it’s hard to retrieve.

Without trust, our practice and our world can become a roiling cauldron of fears and doubts, hopelessness and despair.

Without trust, we would be unable to take the risk required to kick upside-down into a handstand or lift ourselves off our backs in Urdhva dhanurasana.

Without trust, we wouldn’t be able to rely on our partners to support us in Dropbacks or reach for our heels in Camel Pose.

When I explore a pose in my yoga practice, whether it’s Downward-Facing Dog or Child Pose or any other, the process of unfolding into the unknown, into the next moment and the next, requires me to trust in the present moment, and then to trust in that moment as a bridge to the next.

Yoga helps me remember that trust is essential to living, the invisible thread that holds our world together.

Practice Journal: What is needed to build trust? How does your practice help you cultivate trust in yourself and in those around you? Write: 10 min.


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