Posted by: Bruce Black | September 1, 2016

What Happens Next?

In that moment before you step onto your mat, the moment when you slip off your shoes and walk barefoot across the floor, when you roll out your mat, uncertain what will happen next, that’s when you are practicing yoga.

You can’t know what the future holds. Each moment, even in poses that you’ve done before, is different. And you can’t hold onto the past. You have to trust that you can step into the unknown, to come to that place where future and past, known and unknown, are linked.

Yoga invites you to step into the present, to listen to the sound of your breath and to feel the way your toes squeeze into the mat. It brings you the peace that you seek from doubts and fear. And it lets you hear the sound of your own voice, which is so often drowned out by the din of our daily lives today.

As you fold over in Uttanasana (standing forward bend) or kneel in table top–wrists under elbows, elbows under shoulders, knees under hips–your yoga practice invites you to have a conversation with yourself.

Good morning, hamstrings! How are you feeling today?

Hello, wrists! What’s your story?

Yoga gives you an opportunity to listen closely to your body as it grows and changes in each moment.

It gives you the chance to find some part of yourself that you might have overlooked yesterday or might never have seen before.

Each pose invites you to unfold into the unknown, to expand into wonder and delight at how your body moves, knowing the next moment will come as it’s meant to come… and the next… and the next.

Each pose reminds you of the flow of time… and lets you step into that flow with grace and ease.

Yoga helps melt away our worries about the future.

It encourages us to delight in what is.

Practice journal: How does yoga help you step into the flow of time? How is time on your mat different from time off your mat? And how does your body feel different depending on your perspective of time? Write: 10 min.





  1. Great stuff….recently I’ve been fascinated by the yoga/writing cross-over…looks like a neat sight.

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