Posted by: Bruce Black | October 1, 2015

Stillness in Motion

The world changes, and changes again, and then, just when you least expect it—when you think all the changing is done (which is irrational because you know the world keeps changing)—the world changes yet again.

Sometimes the changes, like falling in love or holding a newborn baby, sweep your feet out from under you and steal your breath away.

Sometimes the changes, like a friend’s betrayal, a partner’s aging, or one’s own loss of mobility or strength, feel like a sucker punch to the gut.

Sometimes the changes are so stunning, such as a sunset or the appearance of a rainbow in the sky, that you can only watch in awe as they occur and respond only after the change has taken place.

Why is change so surprising?

Why, when we know we change and the world changes—when we know life is change—do we continue to find ourselves shaking our heads in surprise or muttering and feeling distressed about change?

If change is natural, why do we respond to it as if it’s unnatural… as if we expect just the opposite?

Life continues to move, and our lives are always in movement, always revolving, always evolving, just as the earth is always revolving and evolving, though often we forget that we are standing atop a globe spinning through the universe.

Our lives are a reflection of the earth on which we stand, spinning toward some end we cannot see, in constant movement, even when at rest.

Our heart keeps pumping blood through our veins, and the blood flows even when we sleep, even when we rest in Savasana.

Our yoga practice is a flow of poses, always moving from one pose to another, a reflection of the movement of life.

Even in the deepest of poses, even when we think we’ve found stillness, we are stillness in motion. We are still moving.

Yoga can help us remember that movement and change are always part of life.

Practice Journal: What changes have you noticed lately—changes in the world around you, changes in your friends or members of your family, changes in yourself? How has yoga helped you become more aware (and accepting) of changes in your life? Write: 10 min


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