Posted by: Bruce Black | September 1, 2011

Stepping Onto My Mat

Before stepping onto my mat,
my thoughts swirl.

I feel beset by doubts.

Just stepping onto the mat
helps clear my mind.

It reminds me to focus
on the simplest of actions–

I can feel a breeze
brush across
my bare feet.

I can feel a calmness
settle over my mind.

Thoughts, running crazily
here and there, come into

There is peace
where moments ago
all seemed chaotic.

It happens–I don’t know how
or why–as long as I’m willing
to step onto the mat.

That’s all that matters.
Just stepping onto the mat.

Everything flows out of
that one choice.

Practice Journal: What happens when you step onto your mat? How do you feel when you unroll it? And how do you feel when you walk onto it with your bare feet? What feelings arise as you begin your practice? What sensations do you notice? Take a few minutes to write down what you discover.



  1. Hi Bruce: Got your book and reading it voraciously & getting so much inspiration for my writing. I describe my mat as the “magical ride.” I am transported from an outward experience to one that is deeply internal and nurturing. Like muscle memory, I believe our mats have “energy memory.” Getting onto my mat gives me the “calm” and sometimes “fire” energy I need. It remembers what I have done through my practices and gives me what I need each time I step on it. Looking forward to finishing the Yoga for Writing book and writing a personal review of it. Thanks!

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