Posted by: Bruce Black | June 1, 2011

A List of Things to Trust

Many thanks to my fellow journal-keepers who joined me for a writing workshop at Garden of the Heart Yoga Center in Sarasota a few weeks ago. I’m grateful to each of you for helping me find  things to trust:

Trust that the words will come.
Trust that the process will bring you what you need.
Trust in your ability to think and feel.
Trust that your voice can produce the sounds you need to hear.
Trust the paper on which you write.
Trust the ink flowing from your pen.
Trust the earth on which you sit.
Trust the air you breathe.
Trust the energy flowing through your veins.
Trust your heart to guide you.
Trust your instinct.
Trust your insights.
Trust your self.

Trust the dead skin on your heels will peel away and new skill will grow.
Trust your hair will turn gray (the hair that hasn’t yet fallen out).
Trust you’ll spill your coffee on your desk.
Trust you’ll find a sponge to mop it up.
Trust the police siren to drown out thought.
Trust in silence to restore stillness.
Trust in sunlight to burn your skin.
Trust in moonlight to shine on the surface of the sea.
Trust in hope and faith.
Trust in the waves that crash on shore.
Trust in the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind.
Trust in the green grass.
Trust in the blue of the sky.
Trust in tears to dry.
Trust in your lover’s eye.

Journal Practice: Make a list of the things you trust when you step on your mat.


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