Posted by: Bruce Black | March 11, 2010


I joined a handful of friends from the yoga center for lunch this afternoon, and it struck me as we sat around the table sharing stories that none of us knew each other six years ago.

We were all strangers, and now we are friends.

I’d asked one of the friends at the table to meet for lunch when I learned that she would have to drop the class that we’d shared for the past few years.

And then I thought another friend might like to join us, and she asked someone else, and soon, instead of just two of us, there were seven.

Somehow, my original idea had expanded into a different idea.

How had that happened?

There’s a flow of energy that runs just below the surface of our everyday lives, I think, and if you’re open to the idea of change… and the possibilities that change can bring to your life… you can step into that flow of energy and feel inspired to open even further.

Expansiveness is what happens when you open yourself to the possibility of something different than you imagined.

It’s what happens when you let go of expectations and allow life to open up on its own.

The next time you’re on your mat, try a new pose and see if you can feel a deeper sense of being able to  expand into new possibilities.

And the next time you’re eating lunch with a friend, try sharing some aspect of yourself that you’ve never shared before, something that will allow your relationship to expand and will let you experience a new sense of expansiveness in the relationship.

Journal Practice: Think about ways that you’d like to expand over the course of the next month. In what ways do you feel constricted… and how can yoga poses help you open to new possibilities? Now write about what might be preventing you from expanding … and how you can move past these obstacles to a new understanding of yourself.



  1. Great post, Bruce. Most of the time things are different than I imagined they would be…and often much more interesting.

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