Posted by: Bruce Black | August 14, 2008

Finding Your Balance

Life can feel out of balance when routines are interrupted, schedules delayed, plans postponed.

One moment all the parts of your life can exist in perfect harmony.

Yet the very next moment those very same parts can fly apart and spin completely out of control.

Sometimes you don’t even notice the balance in your life until it’s gone.

This week my life has felt especially out of balance because my wife had surgery on Monday. (Thankfully she’s home resting now.)

Sitting in the hospital, waiting for the doctor to appear and tell me that my wife would be fine, I had to remind myself to breathe calmly.

And later that same day, driving home, I had to concentrate on the road rather than on my worries about my wife’s health.

Life felt then as if it was rushing too fast, moving at a pace that I couldn’t keep up with.

Only later that day–when I stepped onto my mat after making sure my wife was resting comfortably in bed–did I realize just how much I felt out of balance.

But the moment I stepped onto the mat, the world seemed to stop spinning.

Life slowed down with each breath.

I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the wind and felt the beating of my heart and, as I lifted myself into down dog, I felt as if I’d re-established the balance in my life.

What is it, I wonder, about standing on our mats and listening to our breath that helps us find our balance again?

Journal Practice: Has your life ever felt out of balance? Describe a situation in which your life was out of control, yet you were able to regain your balance. What happened? And how did your practice of yoga help you find your balance?


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