Posted by: Bruce Black | July 14, 2008

Taking risks

Each time you step onto the mat or open your journal, you must take a risk.

You can’t know what’s going to happen before you begin.

On some days you might feel like you’re leaping off a cliff into thin air.

And you have to summon the courage to face the unknown, the mystery waiting for you just beyond the edge of your mat, just beyond your page, and plunge in

But where do you find the courage to leap into the unknown?

How do you learn to trust that something will appear on the page, that the poses will flow once you step onto your mat? (And what keeps you from taking risks? Is it fear? Or lack of confidence? Or something else?)

If you want to grow and expand your knowledge of yourself and the world, you need to learn how to take risks and move into places where you’ve never been before.

How can your journal help you do this?

Journal practice: How do you define a risk? Can you write about a risk that you took–or refused to take–recently? Why did you consider it a risk, and what allowed you to take the risk? Or, if you didn’t take the risk, what held you back?


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